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Scientists Made New Breakthrough Discovery Disrupting Gout Treatment

A group of Chinese scientists led by a Nobel Laureate in Medicine recently discovered a new way to treat the painful gout.

In the hot summer of 2014, archaelogists unearthed a 2000-year-old tomb, in a subway constructuring site in Chendu, China. It belongs to a legendary doctor in Han Dynasty. The most astonishing findings are 920 pieces of bamboo slips with more than twenty thousands of handwriting words in charcoal ink – they’re ancient classic books of traditional Chinese medicine lost for thousands of years.

In 2019, all the unknown-before words on bamboo slips were finally identified, interpreted and organized in order. One piece of this unique treasure is a special herbal formula for treating gout. It quickly got the attention of Tu You You, the 2015 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, and she picked a team of top scientists to do an extensive research on this finding, funded by China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

In April 2022, they announced that they’ve developed a new herbal extracts product based on the unearthed herbal formula, RootGout. As the name suggests, it is alledged to treat the very root cause of gout – seemingly simple yet unknown to today’s world, and almost “instantly reduce the red-hot pain”.

For more information, you could refer to the June 2022 issue of Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, or check out more about this very unique product.