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How Father of Herbal Medicine Unclogged Arteries

We love digging into history, especially in the field of herbal science.

Not many people know this: the most important achievements in herbal science were made in far history.

In those days, human body was treated as a living whole. One organ plays multiple, unreplaceable roles. Each organ relies on each other, supports each other, and regulates each other in very specific, unique way.

Doctors – almost all were herbalists then – were praised for treating the Root Causes. Great doctors were recognized for bringing multiple benefits with just one herbal formula.

Today, human body is treated more like a Machine. And each organ as a lifeless PART – more often than not, physicians don’t hesitate to cut out an organ even if it is only temporarily out of function.

They focus on Symtoms – a “good” medicine is the one that can immediately reduce the symptoms, no matter how many bad side effects it causes in long term.

Almost every one of us have swallowed such a bitter pill before. Painful cases happen everywhere, everyday.

But as professional herbal scientists, we know better. We had better time before.

So we dig into history. With true, scientific passion, for reasons you can surely appreciate.

We read through history books to find any interesting stories related to our world.

We found this one.

In the Biographical History of Ming Dynasty, the dynasty’s 9th emperor’s health conditions and the whole treatment were recorded in very much details.

Reading the initial details are just like looking into a mirror –

The emperor has been eating well. He eat meats, fish, chicken, eggs, sweets and “tasteful dishes” in almost every meal. He loves great foods.

He seldom moves his butt. Whenever he goes, he even takes such a man-powered wagon called “Nian“, just like wherever we go, we drive a car.

He is quite hard-working. He reads a lot of reports on his nation and has countless things on his mind everyday.

Riding on a Nian

Not surprisingly, he sufferred a stroke… and three heart attacks – with the last one very serious, at a late middle-age like many of us.

Thereafter, unlike us, he invited one herbalist to treat him.

That herbalist is no ordinary man.

His name is Shizhen Lee. He has been most-known as the father of herbal medicine in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia for the past 500 years. His book, the Encyclopedia of Medicinal Herbs, includes 2,000 herbs and more than 11,000 formulas for almost any diseases.

Shizhen didn’t request the Emperor to first change his diet or do more exercises. He carefully worked out a herbal formula, including a dozen secret herbs he most cherished.

“Just in days, ” the history book recorded, almost instantly, most amazing changes started…

You can read the whole story here. And the details about the exact herbal formula Shizhen used. More importantly, it is not beyond your reach. The formula is readily available to all of us, thanks to our new technologies.

– One of our editors Kenneth Denton told his father about it. The old man later just said, “This is how the real med should be made…”