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How A Desperate Mother in Arcadia Used Nothing But Natural Veggies to Instantly Reduce Her Son’s High Fever And Saved His Legs & Tonsil


Doreen Georgiadis

ATHENS—Doreen Georgiadis is just an ordinary mother living in Arcadia, Greece.

Like many loving moms, she tries to give the best she has to her children: organic foods, drinks with least additives, and high marked milk from grass-fed cows, and keep them as far away from junk foods as possible.

She only hopes that what she does will ensure her children will grow up safely and healthily, just like what any responsible mothers would do.

So she was shocked to know that her elderly son, 15-year-old Ethan got ONFH, a destruction of hip joint, and became incapable to walk. Such problem has never been heard of in the family. How could this even happen to him? She was hurt to the core.

The doctor told her it should be caused by corticosteroids.

She remembered now. Ethan has actually been quite healthy, except that he often got high fevers since he was a baby. She remembered how her heart missed a beat every time Ethan’s temperature reached above 40℃.

During that tough time she almost begged and trusted doctors to use anything, do whatever in their power to IMMEDIATELY BRING DOWN the high temperature—you know how a woman could get crazy when it comes to her children.

The treatments they most used are corticosteroid, or a kidney hormone in plain English, and antibiotics. The “Two Routines” for high fever.

These Two can bring down fever fast, most of the time… but at too expensive a price: Researchers have done extensive studies and now believes that many serious problems could be directly related to the “Two Routines”, like kidney failures, diabetes, bone cancers, and…ONFH.

The other thing gnawing her heart is that her second son, 4-year-old Chris, also tends to get high fever—his temperature can easily go through the roof.

He cannot follow his brother. Not this time.

She tried everything: different prescriptions, alternative meds, holistic treatments, as long as they do not hurt her boy with snake-like side effects—never again!

But uselessness after uselessness, failures after failures, compromises after compromises, disappointments, worries and angers were building up within her… Until one day, it suddenly occurred to her: Why not try some special foods from medicine gurus?

As a practice nutritionist, Doreen always has a keen interest in vegetables and herbs. Two of her favorite reference books are Hippocrate’s work and Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica. Hippocrates’ book contains more than 400 types of herbs, like cinnamon, gentian and rheum—it forms a medical science traced back to a much older Egyptian tradition; and Dioscorides’ book covers even more than 1,000 herbal medicines.

They Are The Best Doctors in Ancient Greece,
And Two of The Bests in Human History

The first is regarded as the Father of Modern Medicine—every doctor nowadays swear by his name before he can officially start his profession—it is called Hippocratic Oath; and Dioscorides’ book has been regarded as the medicine bible for nearly 1,500 years in the western world.

The two great men were living almost 500 years apart, but strangely enough to us, both are most vigorous promoters of “Food As Medicine” theory. Hippocrates’ most famous words are, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Many medicines and herbs in De Materia Medica are actually foods.

Among These Food-Medicines,
There Are A Special Group That Can Instantly
Reduce High Fever (Even Worst Tonsillitis) For Children And Adults

“I believe they’re most insightful, with a bigger vision and a great compassion for patients. They’ve got a thorough knowledge of what medicine can do.” Doreen said.

Doreen pinpointed these super foods, and collected them from their best origins, and ground them into fine powders.

“I love cooking”, Doreen smiled as she said so in a local TV news interview, “to me, they’re the very best foods.” (The reporter lady called her a real “hero” for moms, for that, Doreen said, “I did nothing more than just follow the books, find them, and put them into a list…”)

Finally, Doreen started using these foods with determination, the very next time her second son got a fever above 40℃. She let Chris take the powder.

And The Most AMAZING Thing Happened…

The high temperature dropped like magic. The fever lost its “steam”, like a raging bull got tamed and contained. It went down 1-2℃ in just minutes! And stayed down within the normal range for good.

She then tried herself in multiple cases when she got a fever from cold. Every time, the same thing happened: the temperature immediately dropped for good. And she didn’t feel any uncomfortableness during the treatment and thereafter—the medicines are foods, what uncomfortableness can they cause anyway?

Doreen herself was shocked, speechless, and ecstatic. Her heart was filled with wonder and admirations for the ancient medicine gurus.

“They’re right! They didn’t lie to me! …” Doreen exclaimed,

“It’s Just Too Few People Listen To Them Now…”

Everyone experienced such effectiveness asked Doreen this question: “How can these foods achieve this?”

Once they’ve got the answer, they all agree it’s simple to understand.

Let’s start by the “Two Routines”.

We know the “Two Routines” in hospital bring down temperature by inhibiting certain functions of body, especially the functions of kidneys (kidneys are closely related to our bone health).

Why do you have to “Inhibit” body’s Normal functions? This is one of the political words used in pharmaceutical industry.

To fully understand it, let’s take a different perspective and make it straight.

First, this is a common sense: when a thing is functioning normally, and you abruptly interfere, it will dysfunction, and it will take time and efforts to return to normal (most likely not 100% normal). If you keep interfering from time to time, habitually, it might never get back to normal function again or suffer a permanent damage.

What Happen If You Don’t Respect
Body’s Normal Functions?

It will go wrong and get messed up! Countless doctors have witnessed such victims and would agree “it’s really got messed up!”

This is not a complex logic, even for a medical layman.

Remember: this “inhibiting” could be a one-time thing, but a child or a grandchild’s body will be with him/her for a lifetime.

Here comes another political word—“Side Effects”. Ancient medicine gurus had no such idea as we do—We Allow side effects, as long as they are clinically observed and confirmed in practices, and clearly printed on the label of the medicine’s bottles for people to know—And That Will Be Enough! The regulator will Approve it, at least 90% of the cases—the rest 10% is direct kills (leaving no base for side effects).

Their logic here is simple: if one medicine has side effects, that’s no problem, because there will be other medicines coming up to deal with that specific side effect. This is a Market-behavior (with every step closely observed and “supported” by tons of data). This is an industry. Everyone in it makes money. Even government get huge tax revenues from it. So everyone is happy.

Except For Some Patients!

Patients can suffer, in big ways. But they suffer only individually (like a heap of loose sand), and most likely many years later. Some of them can never recover, like Ethan with his legs.

The ancient medicine guru would think this as Not-Doing-Your-Duty, and inhuman in nature (Hippocratic Oath). They only focus on Curing the disease AT THE LEAST POSSIBLE COSTS TO BODY. That’s why they prefer special super foods, the foods with medical benefits. They can enrich the body, they can make the body stronger, and most importantly, they are the safest—they will not sabotage the body and cause further damages—they are thousands of miles away from those long lists of Side Effects!

These foods work differently. They don’t mess up with body.

Then, back to our Question:

How Do They Exactly Work
To Bring Down The Fever?

You know how a heater works in your home: the heater boils up the water, and the water pipes transport the hot water to your rooms, then releases the heat (thus warms up the rooms).

According to the medicine gurus, these special foods work very similarly. They boosts the “water pipes” system inside body, to quickly transport the dangerous heat, and release it out of the body through urines.

So people will experience a sudden increase in the amount of urines, even if they haven’t drunk that much water before—by the way, you should definitely do so in a fever.

Together out with these urines are other wastes, and collected heat-inducing toxins—both will cause harms to kidneys and liver if accumulated inside body. A kidney dysfunction can in turn cause more serious problems like ONFH, the one Ethan had.

These super foods can not only cool fever, but also treat bad Tonsillitis (without the cost of cutting tonsil) as tested by Doreen and many others, and inflammations in throat.

With these blessing foods, for the first time, you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re feeding your children, your family or yourself. You know you’re not unconsciously planting some vicious time-bomb in a human being’s body.

This should be the way, lighted up by medicine gurus, to get ourselves back to health.

To Know More About The Foods: Here is the link to the List—better store it up in your kitchen!